Business Philosophy

There are lots of places for young businesses to set up and start trading successfully.

Some of them will be stand-alone offices with absolutely no resources for them to benefit from and some will be managed offices where people will answer your phones and provide you with a fax machine and a light. We’re neither of those.

Our main aims are to support young businesses to flourish in their own areas of expertise and to offer help and advice where it’s needed. We know what the hurdles are and we have helped many companies get over them in the past. We understand that you are the experts in your field but we also know only too well that experts in one area can be less skilled in other areas and that’s where we can help.

Businesses that are based here and those who have left have benefited from an environment that wants them to succeed.

We can also put our Sunday best on and become all formal and tell you that we set up to meet the following objectives:

  • To create a supportive structure for new companies to minimise the failure rate and thus accelerate the growth of new companies in Scotland.
  • A means of encouragement for the transfer of technology out into the commercial world from academic institutions.
  • The creation of opportunities for commercial investors with the long term objective of Strathclyde Incubator being profitable in its own right.

Everything here is geared to your success. Be it our board of directors who are true experts in their fields, our management team that is accessible every day to support you or it could be the general vibe of other businesses who are in the same boat as you – they want success and they believe that they can get it by being based here.