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Microlase Deliverics
SpaceandPeople Solus Scientific Solutions
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We have achieved many world firsts
and a global reputation for dependable
innovation, but the beginnings were
small. And SUI helped ease the crucial,
first commercial steps almost two
decades ago!
Dr Graeme Malcolm,
CEO, M Squared Lasers

Success at the speed of light

The Microlase story begins with two PhD researchers, Graeme Malcolm and Gareth Maker, moving research out of the University lab (from Prof Allister Ferguson’s Photonics group) and into the commercial world of applications for optoelectronics. In 1992, they stepped out of the academic environment to run the commercial operation and within five years Microlase had outgrown the Incubator. There followed an agreement with Coherent Inc, the leading name in lasers, and by 2002 the company had 50 employees and a A?7 million turnover and became Coherent Scotland. It has since continued to grow and now employs more than 100 people. In 2005 Graeme and Gareth left Coherent to start up M Squared Lasers, headquartered in Glasgow, with the focus on next generation lasers and photonic instruments. M Squared continues to grow rapidly with products for frontier science and commercial applications and has opened a facility in California.

SUI assisted Microlase with:

Soft loans
Project managing the build of lab facilities
Ongoing networking
Further financial support through extended credit
Administration and secretarial services

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Strathclyde University Incubator’s
UpStarts programme assisted
us through the first, key steps
towards becoming a viable
business. We say we take the pain
out of transfection but SUI and
UpStarts helped take the pain
out of financing and assisting the
growing of the business.
Steve Howell, CEO, Deliverics.

Big business thinking At a molecular level

Deliverics Ltd is a Scottish-based company producing products and kits that deliver molecules into and onto cells for the world-wide R&D laboratory market. Cellular delivery forms the basis for many areas of research and development in the life sciences and is an important aspect of therapeutic treatment in many diseases. Having started as a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh’s Department of Chemistry in April 2010, the company had to secure initial financing to enable the launch of its first product at the Medica International trade fair. That product, SAFEctina�?, is designed to efficiently deliver RNA and DNA into cells in a one-step procedure.

SUI helped Deliverics grow, by:

Providing initial funding
Undertaking all book-keeping, management accounts and credit control
Initiating ongoing networking and mentoring.

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When we first contacted the
Incubator, we were simply looking
for office space, but we ended up
introduced to our main investor,
Gresham House. The Incubator staff
took on the financial management
… housekeeping and administration.
That was vital for the business’s
Matthew Bending, Group CEO

Office space search transforms mall space entrepreneurs

From original idea to start-up to flotation: it’s the ideal curve, and it can be done, as SpaceandPeople have proved (and continue to prove). The Glasgow-based company’s efforts help take marketing campaigns into shopping malls, garden centres, theme parks and airports throughout Britain and beyond. Currently the UK’s No1 provider of promotional space for experiential marketing, and Europe’s leading destination marketing specialists, SpaceandPeople began in 2002 with two people, funded by SUI and Gresham House plc. They now have 75 employees in the UK and Germany, and have expanded into India with 40 employees in eight cities.

SUI helped SpaceandPeople by providing:

First round funding
Financial management, forecasting, credit control, payroll services
Administration and secretarial services
HR and recruitment

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Solus Scientific Solutions

To help Solus get started,
Strathclyde University Incubator
facilitated many practical ways
forward, including the provision of
a commercial base and the creation
of a laboratory. Such efficiently
implemented, business-minded
assistance was invaluable.
Stewart Wallace
CEO, Solus Scientific Solutions Limited

Food for thought

Using innovative assays and diagnostic instrumentation, Solus Scientific Solutions Ltd specialises in the rapid detection of food borne pathogens such as salmonella, listeria, e-coli and associated antigens. The company’s patented intellectual property is based on chemistry, immunology and microbiology as well as novel bacteria detection methods. Having sprung from ideas developed by Professor Bill Stimson in Strathclyde University’s Immunology Department, Solus moved into the Incubator in 2007, departing just two years later. Solus now operates from two office locations, with a staff of 22 and a turnover in excess of A?3 million. Solus’s sales strategy is targeted at the global microbiological food testing market.

SUI assisted Solus with:

Provision of a commercial base to start operations
Creation of a lab facility
Ongoing networking, mentoring and introductions to Scottish Enterprise
Help in securing investor ready funding

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The Digital Enterprise Centre
offering at SUI gives us a wellorganised
city centre base, backed
by people who truly want us to
succeed, and who understand what
it’s like to get a business up and
running from scratch. And we have
room to grow.
Ann Attridge, CEO, Klik2Learn.

Top class base for interactive learning company

An interactive online learning company serving the UK and overseas markets, Klik2Learn was founded by a Chartered Teacher with over twenty years experience in all sectors of education.
K2L’s vision is to become the premier provider of quality online education in the UK by creating exciting digital content to be used on the company’s cutting edge learning management platform. For the overseas market, the company aims to export its technology and products to the two billion ESOL students worldwide, by providing a method of achieving qualifications in English.

Klik2Learn took advantage of SUI’s

Digital Enterprise Centre support:

Flexible office premises
Glasgow city centre location
Business planning appraisal
Financial forecasting
Advice and mentoring
Free wifi
Access to meeting rooms

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I set out in search of the
perfect mint with the perfect
ingredients. Turns out that
one of those ingredients
is the Incubator, with its
commercial know-how and
city centre premises.
Cathie Way, Founder, Affirmints.

How to make a mint (or at least get started)

The workshops held by Affirmints focus on building confidence, increasing positivity, enhancing morale and making positive lifechanging decisions. Not only do individuals emerge feeling personally empowered, with selfworth boosted, but companies reap the benefits in enhanced morale and more positive approaches to the tasks in hand. But affirmation and motivation needed a little organisation. Strathclyde University Incubator provided Affirmints founder Cathie Way with the office space, administrative assistance and business guidance to get her started. Results are proving positive.
Affirmints also offer ranges of high quality, inspirational corporate and personal gifts, including luxury confectionery (featuring mints, of course), all of which reinforce the ethos of positivity, self-belief and ‘can do’ thoughts and actions.

SUI helped Affirmints grow, through:

Flexible office premises
Glasgow city centre location
Business planning appraisal
Advice and mentoring
Free wifi
Access to meeting rooms and secretarial services

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