Development Funding

When any business is at an early stage in its development funding, more often than not, comes from a variety of different sources. It is highly unusual for a business to secure funding from a single source.

In most cases funding will come from an amalgam of the bank, venture capital or business angel and public sector finance either by grants or through the Department of Trade and industry’s Small Firms Loan Guarantee scheme. Each of these sources is a viable place for young companies to secure important capital to enhance the growth of their businesses.

Angel Syndicate

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Associated with Strathclyde University Incubator is now Gabriel Investments Ltd. This new angel syndicate is aiming to provide support for early stage businesses and projects. Along with the funding, there are various support mechanisms available as a part of Gabriel’s accelerator programme and thanks to the close collaboration with SUI. Simple on-line application for Gabriel funding is accessible here.

Venture Capital

Venture and capital are two words that most young companies will say at some point in their lives.

Many successful businesses simply wouldn’t have achieved their position in the marketplace without venture capital investment but securing that vital investment is not always a straightforward process.

The team here has a lot of experience in this area either from its board of directors who work closely with the sector or from direct experience of actually assisting clients to raise venture capital funding. We understand what the venture capitalists are interested in and how best to approach them for that important funding.

Public Sector Funding

Understanding the complexities of what grants and what information is available for start-up companies is a challenge for anyone with little or no experience. Once you’ve found out what is out there it is difficult and time consuming to keep up to date too.

There are many different sources of funding and information but our day to day exposure to this type of information means that we are well placed to advise you. We are kept up to date with what is out there by our board of directors and we have access to the answers of questions you may ask and that’s an extremely important resource for you to tap into.

If you want we can also act as the go between which lets you focus on your business while the applications for appropriate funding for your business is discussed.

To apply for investment, please click here.