Women’s Enterprise Event Success


Gabriel Investments hosted a Women’s Enterprise Workshop on Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, the 19th November 2014.

The workshop was aimed at aspiring or early-stage female entrepreneurs, to give them the motivation needed to spur on entrepreneurial action. Twenty would-be women entrepreneurs attended the three-hour event.

Firstly, SUI Managing DirectorGill MacAulaygave some tips on what to look for from an investor, over and above the money. Gill advised the entrepreneurs to view angel funding as a business transaction where you sell a slice of your company for cash, and warned them not to think as if they would be giving anything away.

The second speaker was Susan Aktemel, founder of Homes for Good. Susan spoke of her experiences owning and exiting private companies and social enterprises. Susan spoke honestly about how she juggled having three young babies, a marriage and a start-up business, and particularly inspired some of the mothers in the audience. Susan’s most important thought on investment was never to cut corners on the legal aspects of an investment deal.

Next, we heard from Amy McDonald, the founder of Headtorch Ltd. Amy delivered an interactive session on networking, showing us the do’s and don’ts of successful networking, through dramatic role play. We met Amy’s alter-ego, Miranda, who was hopeless at networking, but managed to teach us what not to do at a networking event.

Finally, Rachel Jones, founder of Totseat Ltd, spoke to us about her product development journey, and how she juggled running a marketing consultancy full-time whilst starting up her (now-global) business on her kitchen table.

Business advisors from organisations such as Scottish Enterprise attended directly after the workshop to network and give advice to the female entrepreneurs.

(L-R: Gillian MacAulay, Amy McDonald, Susan Aktemel, Rachel Jones)


Photographs by Mark Runnacles, Parallax Photography

Some feedback from the event:

I thought the seminar was fantastic! It was very inspiring and uplifting and I’m hoping that events for women like this will be considered for the near future. I have to tell you though, it was a lot of fun Especially Miranda! It really did open your eyes to behaviours acted out at networking sessions I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

-Jakki Balkwill,New World Security Solutions

A massive thank you for organising such an amazing event yesterday I really enjoyed it. I feel that this quote sums up everything that I learned on the day: Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.

- Amanda Day,All Day Designs

The Women’s Enterprise Workshop was a fantastic and inspirational event to attend. We heard from three very different female entrepreneurs and were able to learn something from all of them. The event was very motivational, to hear the success stories of females who were once in the position that I am in right now. Thank you Gabriel, for a great event.

- Rebecca Pick,Pick Protection

I got the chance to learn from some amazing women. Hearing about each of their very different entrepreneurial journeys was inspiring!

- Jazz Rogers, Mo’s Cookie Dough

A special thanks to our sponsors; Wright, Johnson & MacKenzie LLP, and Campbell Dallas.

by Kimberley White

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